Nature is the new luxury

SO® gives free rein to your adventures by offering innovations in body care and comfort to take everywhere. The products are made with noble, traceable and certified components to guarantee a natural and authentic experience.


  • Icone Argan Argan
  • Icone Camomille Chamomile
  • Icone Hamamelis Witch hazel
  • Icone Calendua Calendula
  • Icone Karite Shea
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Route 66

Short story of the brand

SO is a Belgian brand of body care products. The SO range is designed to adapt to all lifestyles, even the most nomadic. Indeed, whatever the current adventure, you need to moisturise your skin, shave and repair your little hurts to take care of yourself. SO has therefore created products to be used without water or equipment and for which all the ingredients are traceable, certified and from a responsible organic culture. The products are suitable for all skin types.

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EcoCert's mission is to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives through certification, support and advice. EcoCert has different branches depending on the areas concerned. COSMOS is the certification issued by EcoCert that certifies the sustainability of cosmetic products. The certification guarantees that the products are designed with ingredients of organic and natural origin and that these are grown without GMOs.

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