About us

2003: Birth of the waterless shaving concept 

It was during a motorbike road trip in the United States that Patrick thought of an innovative concept: a 3-in-1 shave without water. The aim was to allow all men to shave during any nomadic adventure! This is how the first 3-in-1 shaving formula without using water was born.

2004: The first formula

The research and development is financed by the inventor himself and a first “Batch Test” is carried out. A first formula was born. 

2005-2015: Ten years of freezing

The formula was finally frozen to focus on commercial development of the product. In the meantime, Patrick introduced the product to his friends and family, who were very satisfied with its effectiveness.

2018 : The formula is certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE 

During a business trip, Patrick met the future co-founder of the SO® brand, Clara Vecchio. She was quickly seduced by the formula invented by Patrick, which allows for shaving without the use of water. Clara is particularly sensitive to the ecological dimension of the product, which, through its use, saves water. She wants to make this formula a product that meets the environmental requirements of the 21st century, for more responsible cosmetics. Clara found financial support to renew the research and development with the ECOCERT GREENLIFE audit. 

2019 : Foundation of Socosmetica®

With the invaluable help of The Invention Nursery, Clara was able to raise funds to restart the production of the shaving formula. The fundraising is validated and supported by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is specifically in line with the UN’s sixth sustainable development goal: Clean Water and Sanitation. The company Socosmetica® SRL is co-founded by Clara and Patrick. The shaving formula becomes SHAVE DRY SAVE WATER®. The adventure begins. 

2020-2021 : The health crisis and the need to adapt  

The crisis was an opportunity to rebound by adapting to new consumer needs. Based on the SHAVE DRY SAVE WATER® formula, EXTREME SKINCARE® and PURE HYDRATATION® were created and marketed. 

EXTREME SKINCARE® is a care product for damaged hands, whether due to intense sports activity or too much use of hydroalcoholic gel. This solution is a great success because the formula is rich in anti-inflammatory and soothing agents.

PURE HYDRATATION® moisturiser meets the moisturising needs of the whole family. It is a product for everyone. It offers the benefits of a high quality cosmetic cream at a reasonable price.

This is how the SO® range was born, consisting of the three previous products.

2021 : The second fundraising

A second round of financing from historical investors allows ®Socosmetica to enhance the value of its work and to gain the trust of new investors and consumers. 

Socosmetica strengthens its brand image around its commitment to the protection of water, a highly important resource for humanity. The ®SHAVE formula, which can be used without water, becomes the cornerstone of this commitment.

2022 : SO® AFRICA 

The SO® range is very successful in Benin thanks to its ingredients which are adapted to all skin types. Its formula, rich in highly moisturising natural oils, is perfectly suited to the needs of black and mixed race skin.

#BlackSkinMatters was born out of this growing market in Benin and neighbouring African countries. This slogan is born from a real desire to value the specificities of black and mixed race skin, which SO® takes into account.

2023 : The WATER BENEFIT CERTIFICATE application  

Socosmetica®’s new mission is to gain recognition for its commitment to water protection, which corresponds to the sixth UN goal for sustainable development. After obtaining the ECOCERT certification, which guarantees the organic and natural origin of the ingredients, Socosmetica® is in the process of obtaining the Water Benefit Certificate, which recognises its commitment to water protection and non-pollution.

Sustainability is at the core of our values

We pay particular attention to producing our products in a sustainable way, in line with our commitment to responsible cosmetics that protect the planet’s resources. And this is true at every stage of the process!


How does SO® select its ingredients? We have obtained COSMOS certification from ECOCERT, which guarantees the sustainable and responsible use of the ingredients we use to design our innovative skin care products. Even before production, we attach great importance to choosing natural, GMO-free ingredients that are cultivated with respect for biodiversity. In addition, SO® is committed to the protection and preservation of water. All ingredients are produced from sustainable agriculture that uses water resources as needed to eliminate waste.

During the process

Responsible cosmetics are unthinkable without sustainable production. At SO®, we produce our products with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We exclude petrochemical ingredients that can have harmful effects on the skin: parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances and dyes. All of this in favour of green and responsible chemistry. 


This sustainability, the cornerstone of our skincare products, does not stop after production. SO® has developed innovative products that protect natural resources. SHAVE DRY SAVE WATER® is a 3-in-1 dry shaving concept that does not require the use of water at any time. This commitment beyond the simple production process has been rewarded by the award of the Water Benefit Certificate, issued by the Gold Standard association, founded by WWF. This certificate attests to the commitment of the SO® brand to the protection of natural resources and water in particular. 

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